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Multi-instrumentalist and composer Alan Lechusza continues to keep himself quite busy maintaining an active performing and composing schedule within the L.A./Orange County areas.

As a composer he has recieved commissions for works from: The Yellow Chair Ensemble, The Aulos Saxophone Quartet, The Rebecca Ramirez Dance Company, Leo Potts/Jack Riedling, Arcanum and The Charles Owens Jazz Orchestra. He has recieved numerous premieres including: Two Pieces for Saxophone Ensemble (conducted by Leo Potts), Chorale and Destruction (for saxophone ensemble conducted by Leo Potts) Audio Toiletbowl, Blue with White Background (for unaccompanied saxophone ), Pangea (for unaccompanied tuba), Ceremony of the Streets, Piece for Percussion and Saxophones, Street Music, Pocket Change for a Bus Going Nowhere, Ballad, No Parking of Unattached Vehicles, Music from the Blue Chair, Quartet No.1 and 3, The Distant Flowers, and Red (for saxophone quartet), 4 Miniatures for Mixed Ensemble (woodwinds and electric cello), Piece with No Melody (aka: "Off White"), Cello Quartet No.1 and 2 (for cello quartet), Breakfast in America, the people vs..., and 'Til the Break Of Dawn (for mixed chamber ensemble), The Once and Future Love (for mixed chamber ensemble and soprano voice) and When She Wore White (for woodwinds and electric cello). Upcoming premieres include: The Garden When It Becomes Blue (for saxophone quartet), Rememberances and Life (for mixed chamber ensemble and soprano voice), Black with Roses (for saxophone quartet and soprano voice), Green on Blue (for string quartet and soprano saxophone), Hands Off Gate and Unanswered Phone Calls (for small chamber ensemble), Death by City (for cello quartet) and In the Absence of Truth (for unaccompanied cello).

He has had his compositions performed by: Ark Ensemble, U.C.L Chamber Ensembles (contemporary/jazz), The Charles Owens Saxophone Summitt, Pastiche Ensemble, Aulos Saxophone Quartet, Pugs-4-Peace Saxophone Quartet, C.S.U.L.B. Tuba and Brass Ensembles, C.S.U.L.B. Saxophone Ensemble and Quartets, Arcanum, "Stop the Violins" Cello Quartet, Not Wet Paint, and The Will-Play-For-Food Jazz Quartet. His scores are currently being published by: Argonauts Music (Costa Mesa, Ca.), Mesa Music (Newport Beach, Ca.) and Coffee; and Eagle Feathers (Long Beach, Ca.). His compositions can be heard on the following record labels: Sad Puppy Records, Sasquatch Records, Lo-Fi Records, and Revolt Music (all are Independent Record Lables, Ca.). Compositions recorded at C.S.U.L.B. and U.C.I. can be heard through the appropriate Music Libraries/Media Centers where they are held on permenent archive.

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