Kat McGuffie

(Australie - Australia)

Kat McGuffie , composer born in 1980, grew up in Darwin where she began writing music at the age of 14. In 1997 she moved to Adelaide to complete year 12 at Pembroke College. After achieving success in year 12 composition studies Kat began a Bachelor of Music in composition at the Flinders Street School of Music supported by a grant form the E.J. Connellan Airways Trust. Kat completed her diploma in music with a high distinction and is currently in her third year of study.

Kat has been a member of ACME New Music Co. since 1998. During this time she has had 10 works performed at ABC Studio 520 and one work at The Adelaide Universities' Performing Arts Technology Unit. Through these concerts Kat has written works for high profile new music performers such as Doon, a solo for Australian String Quartet violinist James Cuddeford, Cumulonimbus performed by Melbourne guitarist Geoffrey Morris and 24 for the Amicus String Quartet. A piano arrangement of Cumulonimbus performed at an ACME concert was highly acclaimed in the Australian by Tristram Cary. At the 2000 Fringe Festival Kat's music theatre work doop! drew a large audience and received a favourable response.

In 1999 Kat won her first commission at the Australian Composers Workshops to write for the 2001 Darwin International Guitar Festival. This year Kat has been selected as one of two composers to be commissioned to write for the Centenary of Federation Helpmann Academy Project. She has also received a commission a solo work for percussionist Ryszard Pusz.

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