Dimitri Nicolau

(Italie - Itlay)

Composer, stage director, conductor, musicologist and professor Dimitri Nicolau was born in Keratea, Attica. He also studied Modern Literaturre and Philosophy at Rome University, and Cinema technique at the Rome Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. He has taugh harmony, composition and theatrical singing voice. His music exploits masterly each instrument (or voice) potential, often with most unusual tone colours and unusual playing techniques. Many of his works exhibit an intense theatrical quality. His works have been performed at many musical centres throughout Europe, North Africa, U.S.A., Canada, Japan, at Italian festivals like: Incontri Musicali Romani, Nuova Consonanza, Danzaricerca, Musica '900, Nuova Musica Italiana alla RadioUno, Il Politecnico Musica, Teatro del Opera, Rassegna Intern. di Musica Contemporanea, Abruzzo Rossini Festival, etc., Also at festivals in: Greece, England, Poland, Holand, Spain Germany, France, Roumania, Sweden, Belgium, Egypt, U.S.A ,China, Canada, Japan,Australia etc. .

He has received many prizes and awards for his music, most notably the S.Behrend's First Prize for his 'Nyctes' op.97, many commissions from 'Istituzione Sinf. Abruzzese, Summer Festival of the Heraklion city, "Athens music capital of the Europe 1985, Athens Music Hall, East meet West mediterranean festival, Musica 1985, Alea III of Boston, Greek National Radio broadcasting, Europaeische Jugend Z.Orch., and many works from noumerous ensembles and international soloists.

Over 100 compositions of his have appeared in many editions like: Edi-Pan, Musicisti Italiani Contemporanei (Rome), Pentaflowers Music Editions (Rome), Agenda Mus. Ed. (Bologna), J.Trekel Musikverlag (Hamburg), Vogt&Fritz Musikverlag (Schweinfurt), F.Nakas (Athens).

As a composer Dimitri Nicolau has written over 190 compositions: 5 Symphonies for large Orchestra, Concert for soloist and orchestra, many works for plucked string orchestra, soloist and ensemble, works for chamber ensemble, many works for voice, operas and chamber operas, Two Cantatas for soloist, choir and large orchestra, ballet music, music and songs for children, over 90 scores for theatrical music and many film music.

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