José M. Sanchez Verdú

(Espagne - Spain)

José M. Sánchez Yerdú was born in Algeciras (Spain) in 1968. Diploma in Orchester Conducting and Composition with final prize at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música of Madrid. He has a degree in Law (Universidad Complutense). He was teaching some years Counterpoint and Fugue at the Real Conservatorio Madrid. Postgraduate studies in Conducting with A. Tamayo and W. Rajski and in Composition with H. Zender in Frankfurt (Germany). In 1997 he was composer-in-residence at the Spanish Academy in Rome. From 1997 to 1999 he had a scholarship as composer from the DAAD/Ia Caixa. He lives in Berlin.

He has received commissions from the Festival of Alicante, March Foundation, INAEM (Spanish Culture Ministry), Mutare Ensemble (Germany) etc. His piece for orchestra Alqibla has recently won the First Composition Prize of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie (Germany). He has won other prizes such as the Composition Prize of the INAEM (Spanish Culture Ministry) and Colegio de España in Paris (1998), selected by the german GNM for the II Nachwuchsforum 97, three prizee of the Spanish Authors Soclety (SGAE 96 and 97), Cristóbal Halffter 1995, Young European Artist 95 (Leipzig, Germany) etc.

His pieces have been performed in festivals such as Santander, Tage für Neue Musik (Stuttgart), Progetto-Musica (Rome), Spring Festival (Prague), Lincoln Center (New York) and others in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, USA, Brazil, Hong-Kong etc. and by performers such as the Ensemble Modern, Cikada (Oslo), Freon Ensemble (Rome), Mutare Ensemble (Frankfurt), Ensemble Mosaik (Berlin), Coro Nacional de España, etc.

As conductor he has worked with different groups, choirs and ensembles of contempory music in Spain, Italy and Germany.

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