Kazimierz Serocki

(Pologne - Poland)

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Kazimierz Serocki (1922-1981) est un compositeur polonais de renom, qui a notamment étudié à Paris, avec Nadia Boulanger. Il a également travaillé le piano avec Lazare-Lévy et donné de nombreux récital en Europe. Comme compositeur, il a formé avec Tazdeusz Baird et Jan Krenz le Groupe 49, consacré à la cause de la musique d'avant-garde. Claude Rostand estime que Serocki, qui, n'a pas hésité parfois à s'inspirer du jazz, "témoigne d'une invention raffinée et déploie un des plus puissants tempéraments de la jeune école polonaise".

Kazimierz Serocki born on 2nd May 1922 in Torun, died on 9th January 1981 in Warsaw. He studied at the State College of Music in Gódz under Kazimierz Sikorski (composition) and Stanislaw Szpinalski (piano). He completed his studies in 1948 in Paris with Nadia Boulanger and Lazare Lévy (piano).

He frequently gave concerts as a pianist, both home and abroad. Since 1952 his main interest has been focused entirely on composition. He was awarded many artistic prizes. In 1949 together with two other composers and his friends - J.Krenz and T. Baird - he struck up activity of a group of young composers (called "Group '49) which had a specific artistic programme. He was also one of the founders of the International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn". The most numerous in his output are the symphonic works in which he explored great potential of the orchestra instruments treating them in a new way from both formal (Ad libitum) and technical (Dramatic Story) points of view. Of great importance are his cycles of songs (both with piano and orchestra) written to the poems by Gazczynski, Rózewicz, Przybos. He composed also film music to the movies as "Youth of Chopin", Krzyzacy", "Potop" and many others. Outstanding among Serocki's works is Niobe for two reciting voices, mixed choir, and orchestra. It is a setting of a poem by K. I. Galczynski. His compositions include Eyes of Air, soprano and piano, Swinging Music for orchestra, and Fantasmagoria for piano and percussion.

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