Wagner Tiso

(Brézil - Brazil)

Wagner Tiso is a model of contemporary musician. Composer, conductor, arranger, his creations are imbued with a vigorous Brazilian sound expression. The fusion of several musical elements, which shape his compositions – from the gipsy sentimentalism to the baroque style of Minas Gerais – gives this magnificent musician a sense of exceptional musicality.

He has recorded 28 albums, composed a series of soundtracks for cinema, theater and television and been awarded several times in these areas. Music has always been to him an act of continuous invention. Built with a variety of rhythms and rich musical combinations, this invention not only keeps distance from monotonous repetitions but also from an inexpugnable experimentalism. How good for music!

Wagner Tiso is one of the most respected musicians abroad. He frequently plays at the best European jazz festivals such as Montreux, Berlin, Montmartre (Denmark) and Nice and performs at the main concert halls in Greece, Italy, France, Austria and Germany.

Wagner Tiso is an accomplished musician. Pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, conductor, musical director and with a background of fruitful experiences in almost all areas, he belongs to the special and restricted circle of accomplished musicians. He has expanded his work into different directions: popular music, symphonies, operas, soundtracks for films, theater and television, jazz and ballet.

The quality of his work is beyond description. It’s vital, pulsating, ravishing, unique, extremely beautiful in harmony and melody and replete with power of expression.

Wagner is an original musician. Like few, he knows how to draw from his orchestras an absolute sense of unity and cohesion, with discipline, team spirit and exceptional musicality. Perfectionist, he has accomplished a memorable work, creating his arrangements with the refinement and diligence of a dedicated artisan. His orchestrations highlight the melodic essence of the compositions, projecting the virtues of an outstanding and genuine composer: form, sensibility, content, inventiveness and originality. More than creative and original, he is an  inventor of  sounds. His imagination descries inumerous melodic and harmonic possibilities in order to develop and expand the themes. The contrasts of sound, the different atmospheres and the tonal colors transform each piece into real impressions of the themes he approaches.

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