Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia

(Italie - Italy)

Gianfranco Brundo

(saxophone soprano - soprano saxophone)

Frederico Alba

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Salvatore Cutrò

(saxophone ténor - tenor saxophone)

Giuseppe Caldarella

(saxophone baryton - baritone sax)

The Quartetto di Sassofoni Arcadia is characterised by the different didactic and artistics experiences of the four sax players who have formed it in 1995.

Their studies with world famous masters of saxphone (D. Deffayet, J.M. Londeix, I. Roth), their concerts held at important musical events (the World-Wide Masterclass of Saxphone in Sweden '92, the 10th International Festival of Saxophone at Pesaro '92, the 11th International Festival of Saxophone at Valencia '97) their collaboration with different chamber orchestra and other formations (Orchestra V. Bellini of Palermo, Gruppo da Camera of Palermo, Ente Lirico of Cagliari, Teatro "Bellini" of Catania, Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della R.A.I.), thanks to the assistance of important musical associations (Ente Autonomo Teatro Massimo Bellini of Palermo, Ass. Amici della Musica, etc.), they form a panel of experience that brought the four of Arcadia to play in several italians cities (Napoli, Catania, Agrigento, Siracusa, Sassari, Trapani, Caltanissetta, Noto, Cagliari, Stresa, Torino, Ragusa, etc.). They won several National and International Music Competitions.

Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia a choisi d'interpréter:

Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia has chosen to perform:

Antonio Doro

Vento-canto, polifonie della terra

[quatuor de saxophones, les pierres musicales de Sciola et électronique / saxophone quartet, Sciola's musical stones and electronics]

Sergio Pallante

Eco e Narciso

[quatuor de saxophones / saxophone quartet]

Davide Summaria

Adagio e Burlesca

[quatuor de saxophones / saxophone quartet]

avec la collaboration de:

with the participation of:

Pinuccio Sciola, pierres musicales / musical stones

Composed in 1997, eco e Narciso is the Ovidio's "Metamorphosis" immaginific contest translation. The four saxophones assume different trimbral appearances for a sonorous metamorphosis, so to create the inner estrangement of the two protagonists.

Pinuccio Sciola et ses pierres musicales

Pinuccio Sciola and his musical stones

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