Aulos Saxophone Quartet


Jason Stone

(saxophone soprano et alto - soprano and alto saxophone)

Andrew Wesley

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Chris Charbonneau

(saxophone ténor - tenor saxophone)

Alan Lechusza

(saxophone baryton - baritone saxophone)

The Aulos Saxophone Quartet was forrned in the Fall of 1995. In that time, the group has premiered numerous new works for composers as well as performing the standard quartet repitoire. Twice the finalists at the Coleman Chamber Music Competition and the Carmel Chamber Music Competition, the quartet continues to receive accolades for their technique and sound. The quartet has performed pieces that use the standard make up of the quartet as well as pieces that include taped music, found percussion, and readíng of text. Members of the Aulos Saxophone Quartet pride themselves on being diverse in their approach to music.
Aulos Saxophone Quartet a choisi d'interpréter:
Aulos Saxophone Quartet has chosen to perform:
Alan Lechusza

The Sky is Always Beautiful

Alan Lechusza

Ceremony of the Streets

The Sky is Always Beautiful incorporates both written and improvised sections to create a palate which is reminiscent of a watercolor painting. The overall structure allows each performer to personally express what the title means to his/herself. Inspired by the composition Self Portrait in Three Colors by Charles Mingus, this composition utilizes techniques from Westem Art-Music and Individual / Collective Improvisation. The premiere performance of the composition was in November 1998 by the Saxophone Summit whose members include Charles Owens and George Harper. Since then the composiffon has enjoyed performances within the repertoire of the U.C.I. Saxophone Quartet, Saxophone Summit as well as the Aulos Saxophone Quartet. Ceremony of the Streets was premiered in December 4, 1998 by the Aulos Saxophone Quartet. Here are the program notes from that concert:

    In order to move on in life a certain death must be lived... motion forward... realization and acceptance of what was... forgiveness and peace must come but this can only be done once one is patient and kind to the self... and once the "death" has been lived... "death" as not the final but a Transfiguraffon to the beyond and only then is it time to move forward... –Alan Lechusza

The piece contains many extended techniques and creates a new use of the saxophone quartet.

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