Rico Gubler

(Suisse - Switzerland)

Rico Gubler was born on 12 January 1972 in Richterswil near Zurich and passed his baccalaureate in Zurich. He studied Saxophone with Iwan Roth at the music academy in Basel, with Marcel Weiss at the Zurich conservatory, where he attained his teacher's diploma, and with Jean-Michel Goury at the CNR de Boulonge-Billancourt (Premier Prix à l'unanimité).

He has specialised in contemporary music , free improvisation and live electronic performances and was awarded the Studienpreis of the Migros cooperative federation and the Ernst Göhner Foundation in 1997 and 1998.

He went on to study composition with Balz Trümpy in Basel and Slavatore Sciarrino in Florence and participated in Heinz Holliger's composition course. Rico Gubler has worked in the electronic studios at the music academy in Basel and at the Swiss Centre for Computer Music. He was the winner of the 1996 composition competition of the Zurich chamber speech choir, and was composer in residence at the Arc in Romainmôtier in 1997. He was awarded the Prix du club du mécénat suisse en France in 1998 and won the cultural award of the Canton of Zurich in 1999.

Rico Gubler has taken part in projects with the Klangforum Wien, the Ensemble varianti Stuttgart, the Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, the Jerusalem Contemporary Players as well as orchestras such as the Darmstadt opera orchestras, the Munich chamber orchestra and the Neuchâtel chamber orchestra.

He has also performed as a saxophonist in a number of chamber music formations such as the Trio lepic, Cattrall, the electronic ensemble strom, and Katarakt. He has performed in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Britain and Israel.

Rico Gubler is the founder and artistic director of the concert series musica moderna in Wädenswil.

Rico Gubler (b.12.1.1972) Geboren in Richterswil bei Zürich. Saxophonstudium bei Iwan Roth an der Musikakademie Basel, bei Marcus Weiss am Konservatorium Zürich (Lehrdiplom) und bei Jean-Michel Goury am CNR de Boulogne-Billancourt (Premier Prix à l’unamité). Spezialisierung auf zeitgenössische Musik, freie Improvisation und Live-Elektronische Aufführungen. 1997+98 Studienpreis des Migros Genossenschaftsbundes und der Ernst Göhner Stiftung. Kompositionsstudium bei Balz Trümpy in Basel und Salvatore Sciarrino in Florenz. Kompositionskurs bei Heinz Holliger. Arbeit in den elektronischen Studios der Musikakademie Basel und des Schweizerischen Zentrums für Computermusik. Preisträger des Kompositionswettbewerbes des Kammersprechchor Zürich 1996. Composer in Residence im Arc in Romainmôtier 1997. Prix du Club de mécénat suisse en France 1998. Gründer und künstlerischer Leiter der Konzertreihe musica moderna in Wädenswil.

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Marie-Hélène Fournier

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Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal

Véronique Lacroix, directrice, conductor

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