Riga Saxophone Quartet with Nic Gotham
(Latvie - Canada
Latvia - Canada)


Nic Gotham

(saxophone alto invité - guest alto saxophone)

Gints Paberzs

(saxophone soprano - soprano sax)

Artis Simanis

(saxophone alto - alto sax)

Ilze Lejina

(saxophone ténor - tenor sax)

Renars Lacis

(saxophone baryton- baritone sax)

A New Sound in the Baltics

A Unique and Entertaining Collaboration

5 Saxophones: The Riga Saxophone Quartet with Nic Gotham

This unusual partnership was formed during the first Saxophonia Festival in Riga, Latvia (February, 1999) when the 5 came together to perform Nic Gotham's Album, created especially for himself and the RSQ. The première delighted a sold-out audience at Riga's Wagner Hall and was broadcast on Latvian National Radio.

"Nic Gotham is a patriot of the saxophone."
- Gita Lancere, Latvijas Radio

5 Saxophones crosses not only national boundaries but stylistic ones as well, presenting a broad and exciting range of musical styles from the elegance of the Baroque to Astor Piazzola's New Tango and Nic Gotham's burning contemporary jazz.

In April-May, 1999 the RSQ and Nic Gotham recorded "Album" for release on compact disc and undertook an extensive Baltic tour. Tour venues included the Jazzkaar festival in Tallinn, Estonia, and appearances in Latvian cities Salacgriva, Salaspils, Tukums, Jurmala, Roja, Saulkrasti and Liepaja. The concert tour was sponsored by Latvia's Chamber Music Program and the Jurjans Brothers Fund.

Born in England (1959), and raised in Canada, saxophone soloist and composer Nic Gotham lives currently in Riga, Latvia. His musical interests and explorations range from opera and chamber music to jazz and free improvisation. Career highlights include several CD releases and concert tours with his classical/jazz groups Hemispheres and the 40 fingers saxophone quartet, three productions of his first opera, Nigredo Hotel, and Canada's 1997 Fred Stone Award for "leadership, integrity and innovation in new music..."

The Riga Saxophone Quartet was founded in 1992 by alto saxophonist Artis Simanis. Artis formed the group from his best students at the Latvian Music Academy. The members of the RSQ are:

Gints Paberzs (soprano saxophone), who plays with the popular funk and acid jazz group Time after Time. He has won the Jurjanu Andreja III Young Performers Competition in 1996 and first prize in the 1999 Spoza Nots International Saxophone Competition (Jazz Category) in Staicele, Latvia.

The leader of the quartet, Artis Simanis (alto saxophone) is the foremost proponent of the classical saxophone in Latvia. He has appeared as a soloist with several orchestras including Latvia's Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, and as a guest artist in Denmark with the fabulous New Danish Saxophone Quartet. Currently Artis teaches saxophone at the Latvian Music Academy and at the Jazepa Medina Riga Music College.

Ilze Lejina (tenor saxophone) has performed in Germany, Finland, Belgium, France and Turkey. In 1998 she won the Second International Young Music Performers contest in Poland, and took second prize in the 1999 Spoza Nots International Saxophone Competition (Classical Category) in Staicele, Latvia.

Renars Lacis (baritone saxophone) has performed with Latvia's National Symphonic Orchestra and the orchestra of the Latvian National Opera. In 1997, he gave a solo concert in Riga's prestigious Wagner Hall.

Le Quatuor de Saxophones de Riga et Nic Gotham ont choisi d'interpréter:

The Riga Saxophone Quartet and Nic Gotham have chosen to perform:

Nic Gotham


[saxophone alto solo et quatuor de saxophones / solo alto saxophone and saxophone quartet]

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