Saxfonkvartetten Rollin'Phones

(Suède - Sweden)

Tove Nylund

(saxophone soprano - soprano saxophone)

Kristin Uglar

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Jeanette Balland

(saxophone ténor - tenor saxophone)

Neta Norén

(saxophone baryton - baritone saxophone)

The Swedish saxophone quartet Rollin'Phones, brings together the talents of Tove Nylund soprano saxophone, Kristin Uglar alto saxophone, Jeanette Balland tenor saxophone and Neta Norén baritone saxophone. The ensemble was formed as a professional and full time performing quartet in 1986 and since that time has risen to become one of Europe's best known and most awarded saxophone quartets.

The quartets wide appeal is due in no small part to their broad repertoire which spans classical standards, transcriptions, jazz, folkmusic and an increasing proportion of specially commissioned contemporary music dedicated to the quartet from both Swedish and foreign composers.

Many of the saxophone quartets performances are in their own classical concerts, but they also perform as guest soloists with the great Symphony Orchestras, Symphonic Bands and Choirs of Sweden and Europe.

The quartet also perform a unique entertainment act mixing the best of jazz, musicals and folkmusic that helps present the versatility of the saxophone to the widest audience.

The quartet often appears on Swedish and international television and radio and frequently tour Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In 1992, the quartet participated at the Seville World Expo and has represented Sweden at three World Saxophone Congresses.

The Swedish saxophone quartet Rollin'Phones has also travelled as "cultural ambassadors" accompanying His Majesty, King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden and Queen Silvia.

The quartet has recorded three CD's in their own right and featured as soloists on the acclaimed composition Saxophonia by Erland von Koch. Since early in their career, the Swedish saxophone quartet Rollin'Phones have been awarded a number of different scholarships from various Swedish cultural institutions, including the Royal Academy of Music, which has enabled them to commission many new pieces for saxophone quartet by Swedish composers. As early as 1987 the group received the prestigious Kasper Prize for their engaging musical vitality, skilfulness as an ensemble, and the impressive breadth of their repertoire.

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Anders Nilsson

Concerto Grosso

avec la participation de:
with the participation of:

L'Orchestre Symphonique de Laval

n/d-n/a, chef d'orchestre, conductor

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