Takashi Saito

(Japon - Japan)

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Takashi Saito a choisi d'interpréter:
Takashi Saito has chosen to perform:

Hiroyuki Itoh

The Angel of Despair II *

[saxophone alto solo / solo alto saxophone]

Takeshi Tsuchiya

Exploration *

[saxophone alto et électroniques / alto saxophone and electronics]

* Création / World premiere

Takashi Saito est né à Tokyo en 1961. Licence es arts par Kunitachi Musique College. Il a travaillé avec M.Yuichi Omuro. Médaille d'or pour le Saxophone et la Musique de chambre puis Médaille d'honneur de la ville de Bordeaux à l'unanimité du Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux. Il a travaillé avec M.Jean-Marie Londeix. Fondateur et Representant de l'Ensemble d'Ame (saxophone, violon, piano et percussion). Soliste et Specialiste de la musique contemporaine du Japon. Ses interprétations sont souvant diffusées par la radio NHK.
The Angel of Despair II for solo alto saxophone (1999) by Hiroyuki Itoh

The title, The Angel of Despair, is the word taken from a short poem by Heiner Muller. Although my piece is rather abstract and has no concrete narrative, the dark, gloomy mood of this music loosely reflects my state of mind at the time of reading the poem.

To have precise control over the constantly changing speed of the material was one of the principal factors employed in my composition in order to realize the sense of distorted time flow. For this reason, rather complex rhythms are meticulously notated in the score. The collected materials, having their own, constantly changing internal speed, are further distorted (through editing process: changing pitches, order, ratio, etc.), and then, juxtaposed with one another creating a new, dynamic dimension of the time flow.

Furthermore, the extensive use of microtones in this piece adds a different dimension to the distorted time flow.

– Hiroyuki Itoh

Exploration (2000) by Takeshi Tsuchiya. Work for Alto Saxophone and electro-acoustics.

This piece is a work in progress written for soloists, accompanied by electro technics. It pursues a new direction by influencing music with the foremost technics of the new era.

Exploration in the title refers to “the search of the cosmos inside the sounds”. Its name comes from the process of the works.

Today’s electro-acousics part is version A in which a player adjusts to the pre-recorded music; however, there is also version B that is realtime controled by MAX.

All of these sounds are filtering, stretching and cross synthesized using IRCAM’s SVP (Super Vocode de Phase), which uses samples of various Alto Saxophone playing methods as materials.

– Takeshi Tsuchiya

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