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Sax Pac

(Suède - Sweden)

Lotte Nilsson

(saxophone soprano et alto et flûte / soprano and alto saxophone and flute)

Jeanette Eliasson

(saxophone alto et clarinette / alto saxophone and clarinet)

Annelie Olhaver

(saxophone ténor / tenor saxophone)

Chatarina Wilgotsson

(saxophone baryton / baritone saxophone

The ultimate female saxophone quartet Sax Pac consists of four chicks sharing a common understanding about music taste, phrasing, timing, feeling, sound, stage clothes, hair spray, attitude, humor and other things necessary for playing together........

Sax Pac was formed in 1997 and since then they have played and entertained on a professional basis, at festivals, radio programs, schools, openings, weddings, parties, at a Christmas market, in theaters etc.

Sax Pac doesn't want to limit their repertoire, instead they want to keep it as varied as possible. Although we have our niche and specialty and that is Latin rhytms. The three arrangers in Sax Pac make most of the arrangements. Jeanette is a specialist on mambo, Lotte prefers to write in a Latin-jazz style and Chatarina arranges everything from funky tunes, hit songs to superswing and pop!

Sax Pac cooperates with the two comedians Asa & Gertrud (known from Swedish radio and TV), since 1998 they've carried through a number of tours with their famous show "Best in Show".

Sax Pac has in collaboration with Frans Sjöström at Swedish Radio Malmöhus made four radio programs. One of them aired live from Skanemässan and all containing music exclusively with Sax Pac and the interviews made by Frans Sjöström. From these radio programs Sax Pac selected seven numbers for a live demo. This CD can be ordered at:

In year 2000 Sax Pac is working on meeting a new audience, young children. Sax Pac has written a manuscript and the music of the performance "Saxcircus". A story about a clown, a bird and the director of the circus who are carrying out all kinds of silly things while playing saxophones!

During 2000 Sax Pac is booked to perform at a banquet in Kristianstad, a concert in Hoor, at Expo 2000 Hanover, Germany, a concert in Malmo and the World Saxophone Congress in Montreal, Canada.

Sax Pac a choisi d'interpréter:
Sax Pac has chosen to perform:
Astor Piazolla (arr. Klas Petersen)

Chau Paris

[saxophone soprano (flûte), saxophone alto, saxophone ténor et saxophone baryton / soprano saxophone (flute), alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophnoe]

Dizzy Gillespie (arr. Lotte Nilsson)


Ernesto Lecuona (arr. Jeanette Eliason)


Mike Mower

Full English Breakfast

Dizzy Gillespie (arr. Lotte Nilsson)

A Night in Tunisia

Bobby Watson (arr. Chatarina Wilgotsson)

Happy Song

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