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Yu-chou Chen


Shu was completed by Yu-chou Cheng in Paris 1997. In terms of Chinese philosophy, "Shu" presents the image of the moment of the sunrise when life begins and revives. This music states the ideas of chinese philosophy that concerns the combination of human and nature as well as human's observation toward nature. This music can be divided into three parts and consists two opposite ideas about rhythm and tempo, one is developing them freely and the other one is handling them seriously. Through the modern saxophone technique, the composer tends to demonstrate Chinese philosophy and combines them with Westenn music ideas.
Chis-Hsiu Tsai was born in Chung-Hwa, Taiwan in 1970. He is an animated saxophonist in Taiwan, and also dedicates himselfto saxophone pedagogy since 1992. He was the saxophone leader of Taiwan Youth band, Taipei Syrnphonic Band, National Taiwan Symphonic Band and National Taiwan Defense Military Band. Mr. Tsai has toured performance in Taiwan, USA and Japan and has been awarded the second prize in National Taiwan pop band competition in Taipei 1994.

In 1993, Tsai started to organize the Taiwan Saxophone Association and invited several saxophone professors, such as Kennth Radnofsky, John Sampen and Joe Murphy, to perform and hold workshops. He premiered Shu by chinese composer Yu-Chou Cheng at the 1998 North American Saxophone Alliance in Chicago.

In 1998, Mr. Tsai got his performance certificate in Bowling Green State University. Now he studies saxophone performance with Dr. John Sampen as a graduate student in Bowling Green State University.

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