The University of Southern Mississippi Sax-Chamber Orchestra


Lawrence Gwozdz

(direction - conductor)

Donovan Cox

(saxophone soprano - soprano saxophone)

Patrick McLaughlin

(saxophone soprano - soprano saxophone)

Adam Muller

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Roderick Brogan

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Alan Theisen

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Leanne Simpkins

(saxophone alto - alto saxophone)

Peter Emond

(saxophone ténor - tenor saxophone)

John Dowler

(saxophone ténor - tenor saxophone)

Tiffany Hymel

(saxophone baryton - baritone saxophone)

James Everette Minchew

(saxophone baryton - baritone saxophone)

Brock Cain

(saxophone basse - bass saxophone)

By now it is common knowledge that Adolphe Sax (1814 -1894) was a man of strong perseverance and keen ingenuity. Hector Berlioz, the celebrated composer and music journalist, recognized this more than 150 years ago, and documented it in his several writings on Sax's innovations, most notably the Saxophone.

Of particular interest is Sax's "vision" for the sound of this instrument, soloistically and en masse. Not only did he plan for its use in the symphony orchestra and military band, but also as a concerto and recital medium. In addition, he initiated the concept of the "Saxophone family" as a performance medium all to itself. He purposefully designed each member, including the mouthpieces, which were and continue to be necessary to help produce the tone he desired.

Because the word "Saxophone" literally refers to "the sound of Sax," we can just as easily speak of the interior of his mouthpieces as having the "Sax-Chamber." It is precisely this factor, along with the sheer enjoyment of music-performance, that serves as our "common denominator" at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Le University of Southern Mississippi Sax-Chamber Orchestra a choisi d'interpréter:

The University of Southern Mississippi Sax-Chamber Orchestra has chosen to perform:

Stephen Dankner

Symphony for Saxophone Chamber Orchestra

  1. Adagio-Allegro non troppo
  2. Vivace
  3. Andante
  4. Chaconne: Presto

L'ensemble participera également à la création d'Appel de Luc Marcel

The ensemble will also participate in the premiere of Appel by Luc Marcel

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