New Works - New WIKI

I have just set up a new WIKI as a ressource to keep us informed of any new pieces written or performed for saxophone. 

For those of you unfamiliar with a WIKI, it is an interactive web site which can be edited by many people. The best example of this is Wikipedia

Well, now we have our own wiki site. 

What I propose is a collaborative of all saxophonist and composers who wish to keep us informed of new pieces which are being created. As we all now, the saxophone repertoire has grown exponentially in the last decades and although books such as Jean-Marie Londeix's A Comprehensive Guide to the Saxophone Repertoire are a great ressource, they become outdated the minute they hit the bookstore. 


The Saxophone New Works WIKI

The internet can serve as a better medium to keep us abreast of all the latest developments in our field. And I feel a Wiki is the ideal setting, since no one person needs to be the sole provider of information. The whole community can participate and become the ressource.

An advantage of a Wiiki is the open form of editing which it allows. If information is found to be incorrect or lacking in any way, it can be updated by other members of the Wiki community.

This can also lead to some interesting discussions. 

I have created a protected Wiki, which will help prevent vandalism, which can be a problem in this type of site. To participate, simply join the group. (This is free). If you only wish to visit the Wiki, no problem since anyone can view the information which will be published there.

To make this a great resource, the saxophone community needs to participate. The more participants there are, the better a resource the site will become. 

I hope you will all participate and pass the word around so others will learn of this exciting feature.
To join just click on the New Works WIKI in the menu bar and follow the links.