Oratorio by Douglas J. Cuomo

I was listening to the archives of the New Sounds radio show, which is broadcast and webcast every evening on WNYC. On this particular show, music draw from Hindu scriptures was being featured. As one would expect, Philip Glass's Satyagraha was featured. But weaved between two excerpts from Glass's opera, I got to hear an oratorio by composer Douglas J. Cuomo

The name didn't ring a bell, as it might not for you either. But most everyone has heard his music in one fashion or another. He has written some TV music for such shows as Sex and the City and Homicide: Life on the Streets

What grabbed my attention on the New Sounds program was his Arjuna's Dilemma. This is a fascinating compendium of Hindu flavored sounds with modern western music. In the mist of this, an improvising saxophone weaves its way in the music. 

On his website, Cuomo informs us that Arjuna's Dilemma will be touring in the 2008-09 season, with specific dates and locations to be announced. Something to look for and to look forward to. You can also hear excerpts from the work on the composer's site as well as the above-mentioned New Sounds site.