Saxophone New Works Wiki update

A little update on how things are going at the Saxophone New Works Wiki. 

A full alphabetical listing of composers is now up. 

Individual pages are starting to appear. Recent additions include: 

Eryck Abecassis, Kees van Baaren, Lauren Bernofsky, Steven Burke, Leonello Capodaglio, Ricardo Dal Farra, James Duhamel, Michael Gurevich, Colin Homiski, Jacques Ibert, C. R. Kasprzyk, Mark Knippel, Teo Macero, James Matheson, Laurent Mettraux, Lior Navok, Étienne Saur, Allen Strange, Adam Taylor, Jim Theobald, Henri Tomasi.

Thanks to a growing number of contributors, this is becoming more and more interesting. Among the more interesting aspects are the numerous links to audio clips and composer web sites.