Great ressource

I just stumbled onto another great resource for anyone interested in the classical saxophone field.

Jean-Marie Londeix, who we all know as not only a great virtuoso, a compelling teacher but also a leader in saxophone research. He has created an Association of the European Center for Saxophone (E.C.S.) which is based in Bordeaux, France.

The E.C.S. is an archive of material which Londeix has donated to the city of Bordeaux. Anyone who knows Londeix will be well aware that his research has been extensive and exhaustive. So one can only imagine the depth of this source of material.

To accompany this archive is the creation of a web site where Londeix is a member of an international editorial board which includes Paul Bro (Professor, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA) and William Street (Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

The site, SaxAmE (The Saxophone in American and Europe) is a repository of a number of interesting material including letters from prominent composers and saxophonists, lists of books, music and other topics. There are also a number of photos and some sound clips, including performances by Londeix.

One can only applaud such a venture and offer our best wishes to this distinguished board.

The best way to support such a venture is to participate. Firstly, visit the site. Secondly, donate historical relevant material to be archived which, I am sure, they will gladly receive.

Well worth a visit.