Welcome to the first blog

Hi all,

I'm starting this blog were I intend to talk about my great passion: the saxophone. I've been playing the instrument more years than I care to mention, and I still find a fascination with the possiblities of this great instrument.

But I don't intend discussing the technical aspects of performance, although that may come up from time to time. What I am more interested in doing is to investigate the music itself. And that won't necesseraly be limited to uniquely saxophone pieces, but may cover other music by composers who have worked with the saxophone in some way or other.

Most people associate the saxophone with jazz. This is of course quite understandable. Contributions by so many great talents in the jazz field, such as Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, et al. cannot be denied. But the saxophone is so much more and has touched so many more musical styles and events.

For those who do not know, the name of the blog: Mule's Rasch, is my little tribute to the father's of 20th century classical saxophone, Marcel Mule and Sigurd Rascher. These two gentlement have the merit of being the pioneers of modern classical saxophone performance. They have contributed not only through their performance, but also through their teachings and with their work with composers to establish the saxophones legitimization in the classical music field.

There is also a little point of irony in associating these two figures together, since they did not hold the same views on many aspects of performance. But that is another story which will surely crop up here once in a while.

So once more welcome, and I hope I can contribute something interesting for all lovers of music, and in particular, saxophone enthusiasts.

Bernard Savoie