Moscow Saxophone Quintet

The Moscow Saxophone Quintet is a jazz supersax style ensemble based in Moscow, Russia. Founded in 1987 by Vladimir Zaremba, professor of saxophone at the Moscow Institute of Culture.  


• Alexander Boychuk (1st alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet)

• Oleg Ageyev (2nd alto sax, soprano sax)

• Vladimir Zaremba (1st tenor sax, woodwinds, arranger)

• Gennady Pakhtusov (2nd tenor sax, flute)

• Vladimir Konibolotsky (baritone sax, clarinet)

• Vladimir Soloviov (piano)

• Igor Shestov (bass)

• Alexander Churikov (drums)

Links: (history of the group) (to preview clip from their 2008 DVD)


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