Braxton, Anthony

b. June 4, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, USA - 

American composer and multi-instrumentalist. Among the instruments he performs on we find; alto sax, bass sax, clarinet, contrabass clarinet, soprano sax, sopranino sax, tenor sax, C-melody sax, baritone sax, bass sax, bass clarinet,  Eb clarinet, clarinet, piano, flute, conductor. 

Prolific as performer as well as composer, cataloging his output is herculean task which a few passionate fans have endeavored. One such passionate follower is Jason Gutharz. If you follow the link below to Restructures - Anthony Braxton Discography, you'll find an extensive listing of Braxton recordings. Always makes for interesting explorations.


LINKS: (home page by Braxton. Contains a lot of information) (wikipedia article about Braxton) (link to a series of PDF's for an interview by Mike Heffley entitled: "Anthony Braxton: The Third Millennial Interview")  (features an interview with Braxton about Restructuralism, Stylism, Traditionalism.) (transcript of an interview by Ted Panken on WKCR-FM, New York, February 1995) (interview by Ted Panken from 2002)  (Special project about Braxton's history) (Yahoo mailing list centered around disccion about Braxton and his music)  (The Anthony Braxton Gigography Project. This is a group dedicated to the project of compiling a list of live performances by master saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist/composer/restructuralist Anthony Braxton. )  (list of writings by Braxton available to buy)


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