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David Litchman a choisi d'interpréter:
David Litchman has chosen to perform:

Carlos Micháns

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano *

avec la participation de:

with the participation of:

n/d, piano

* Création / World premiere

David Lichtman is a graduate student at the University of Michigan, studying with Donald Sinta. He received his Bachelor's degree in music performance from Bowling Green State University. There he studied with Dr. John Sampen. As well as studying at these institutions, Mr. Lichtman has studied with famed saxophonists' Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Claude Delangle, and Jean-Marie Londeix.

David Lichtman first encountered the music of Carlos Michans as a member of the Polaris Saxophone Quartet. The ensemble performed the US premier of Michans' Quartetto No.1 at the Bowling Green New Music Festival (1998). In collaboration with Dr. John Sampen, he commissioned Mr. Michans to compose a work for Alto Saxophone and Piano.

In his chamber compositions for small groups Carlos Micháns makes a point of giving all instruments equally important roles. This is particularly evident in works for two to five instruments, of which his catalogue includes several. In his new Sonata for saxophone and piano, written at the request of the young American saxophonist David Lichtman and Dr. John Sampen, both instruments are engaged in permanent interplay, often borrowing material from each other and developing it within their own range of technical difficulty and dynamic spectrum. However challenging the writing might seem, virtuosity is never an end in itself, nor intended to supersede the purely musical essence of the work, which is at all times the composer's main concern.

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