Parsax Duet

(Espagne - Spain)

Antonio Pérez Ruiz


Vincente Pérez Ruiz


Duet Parsax a choisi d'interpréter:
Duet Parsax has chosen to perform:
Lucie Robert


[saxophone soprano, saxophone baryton et piano / soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone and piano]

Ferrer Ferrán

Variaciones sobre un tema de blanquer...

[2 saxophones soprano et piano / 2 soprano saxophones and piano]

avec la collaboration de:

with the participation of:

n/d-n/a, piano

Antonio and Vicente Pérez were born in Cheste, a nice spanish village just in the middle of the province of Valencia. They had a very early entrance in the music world where they have been making an homogeneous and parallel trajectory. It must be stood out their perfect compenetration in life, work and music thanks, maybe, to the fact of being twin brothers.

They began their studies at the Music Conservatory of Valencia with professor Enrique Pérez Morell, obtaining an Honour Degree at the end of each term as well as the first award in medium and high degree both in chamber music and saxophone.

Their great love for saxophone made them assist to three consecutive courses at the Conservatory "Héctor Berloiz", Paris, given by Fabrice Moretti (saxophone professor), Patrick Villanueva (jazz professor), Jean-Michel Bardez (harmony professor) and M. Jenny (chamber music professor).

Along their brief carreer they have obtained several awards. Among them we can find the following:

  • 1991/1993. Two consecutive First Awards for their creativity and cultural iniciatives by the Universidad Literaria de Valencia.
  • 1993. First and Second National Award for Spanish Young Musicians in the special field of Woodwind Instrument's Soloist.
  • 1995. Second Award in the II International Saxophone Contest for Young Soloists in San Juan (Spain).
  • 1996. Second Award "Ville de Paris" for Saxophone Soloists.
  • First Award with Special Distinction and Fisrt Award in the European Contest of Mondidier (Paris).
  • Unanimous First Award with Special Distinction in the International Contest organized by the UFAM (Paris).
  • 1997. Unanimous First Award with Special Distinction in the Contest "Ville de Paris" for saxophone soloists.
  • Unanimous First Award with Special Distinction in the Contest "Ville de Paris" in the special field of Chamber Music.
  • Second Award in the International Contest "Leopoldo Bellán" (Paris).
  • 1998. Second Award in the Ile-de-France Regional Music Contest (Paris).

Both Antonio and Vicente have been studying under the advisement of professors as prestigious as Daniel Deffayet, Pedro Iturralde, Claude Delangle, Francisco Martinez, Arno Bornkamp, Nobuya Sugawa, etc.

As soloist performers, they have made both national and international tours. We should stand out their concerts in Valencia, Castellón, Catalonia, Balear Islands, Bordeaux and Paris. They have also performed as part of the trio "PARSAX & FERRER-FERRÁN" (with the cooperation of the pianist Fernando Ferrer) and the septet "PERCU'N'SAX", (with the cooperation of five percussionists). We have had the possibility to listen to their repertoire, technical capabilities and wide range of music styles in several conservatories and music schools too.

Nowadays several composers are asking them to perform their compositions for saxo duet, saxo duet and piano, saxo duet and a quintet of percussion as well as symphonic orchestra. Among these composers we find Ferrer-Ferrán, Pierrete Mari, Nicole Clemente.

As a result of their great friendly relation with the outstanding composer Ferrer Ferrán, the artistic name of Parsax Duet came up from Sonatina Parsax, a work he composed for these two excellent saxophonists.

At present they are being sponsored by Boosey & Hawkes and Rico International. Their saxophones are Buffet Crampon "Prestige" and Julius Keilwerth.

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