Ziryáb Saxophone Duet

(Espagne - Spain)

Eva Maldonado


Daniel Millán


Le duo de saxophones Ziryáb ont choisi d'interpréter:

The Ziryáb Saxophone Duet have chosen to perform:

F. G. Pastor

Pour écouter le soleil (1998)

[2 saxophones alto / 2 alto saxophones]

F. G. Pastor

Le voyage sous la mer (1998)

[2 saxophones soprano / 2 soprano saxophones]

Enrique Rueda

Nocturno *

[2 saxophones alto / 2 alto saxophones]

Ziryáb Saxophone Duet is Eva Maldonado and Daniel Millán

"We created this saxophone duet in 1995, with the desire of performing the chamber music composed for this specific combination. One of the main aims of our group is to popularise the work of Spanish composers interested in saxophone and specially in the creation of speciffic saxophone duet music.

Due to the difficulty that means the performance of the actual musical currents (works essentially composed in the second half of our century), we sought the advice of reputed saxophonists such as Daniel Kientzy, Marie-Bernardette Charrier and Jean-Marie Londeix.

Ziryáb has played in all the most important Spanish towns and in several international European concerts in different European cities. In some of these concerts, we have collaborated with other players (percussionist, pianists) and even with dancers.

In our enthusiasm for promoting this formation as saxophone duet, Ziryáb took part in the International Music Tournament (T.I.M. Torneo Internazionale di Musica) in the Chamber Music section, competing with different traditional formations (string quartet, wind quintet and duets of other instruments playing with piano) ending contestant hnalists representing Spain".

Pour écouter le soleil was commissioned by Ziryáb saxophone duet and has only been performed once, during the "Primeras Jornadas Andaluzas del Saxofón", in Seville (Spain). Ziryab would like to perform this work again, looking for its international expansion, and also as a sort of second premiere.

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