Kientzy, Daniel

"Daniel Kientzy Is an international artist dedicated to the interpretation of contemporary music, in particular in relation to electronics. For this he has developed a totally original style, an osmosis of instrumental and electronic music on both a technical and conceptual level. The only player to have mastered all 7 members of the saxophone family, more than 450 pieces have been written expressly for him (Concertos, operas, electronics, multimedia pieces etc.). He is the "inventor" of the contemporary saxophone and the author of the foremost treatise on its instrumental technique: SAXOLOGIE. He plays improvise music too with originality and personal language. His discography have more than 70 titles. He was awared with 2 SACEM prices, Victoires de la Musique. He has a Doctorate Degree at the Universty Paris VIII and he is Honoris Causa Doctor at the Music University in Bucarest." [MetaDuo web site]

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