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Colin J.P. Homiski

Concatenate Fireflies

Jonathon Kirk


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n/d-n/a, piano

Randall Hall is currently completing the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. He is also professor of saxophone at Nazareth College of Rochester. In 1997 he earned the Premier Prix in saxophone performance from the Conservatoire National de Région de Boulogne-Billancourt. He was awarded a Fulbright Grant (1994) and a Frank Huntington Beebe Grant (1995), both for study in France. In 1996, while in France he won the Premier Prix in the Concour Région lle-de-France. He has also earned the Master of Music degree in saxophone performance, with Distinction in Performance, from the New England Conservatory of Music, in Boston, MA, in 1994. He has studied saxophone with Claude Delangle, Jean-Yves Fourmeau, Jean-Michel Goury, Kenneth Radnofsky, and Ramon Ricker. His performances have included concerts with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cincinnati Contemporary Music Ensemble, as well as numerous solo recitals in the United States and France. Randall Hall has a special interest in contemporary music for saxophone, including the use of extended techniques of performance, and in improvisation with these idioms.
Concatenate Fireflies (1994, revised 1999) Colin J.P. Homiski for alto saxophone and piano

Concatenate Fireflies was inspired by the composer's memories of watching fireflies in the mist as a child. It is a highly virtuosic work, employing multiphonics (which play an important structural role), three distinct styles of slap-tonguing, and the altissimo register for the saxophone. It makes use of some controlled aleatoric elements such as randomly repeated "mobile cells," and requires a close sense of ensemble from the players. The piece creates a fascinating sound world and a high level of excitement that immediately grabs the listener with its swift pianissimo opening, continues through more violent episodes, and finally concludes in another hushed whisper. Concatenate Fireflies was premiered in 1994 by Randall Hall in the version for alto saxophone and string trio. The saxophone and piano version was made by the composer in 1999.

Parallax (1999) by Jonathon Kirk for alto saxophone and piano

A "parallax", in astronomical terms, is defined as the difference in the position of a celestial object with reference to a fixed background when viewed from two distant locations having a triangulated base line equal to the radius of the earth. In this composition however, the musical development reflects the apparent change of an eleven-note motive (first heard as an ostinato on the plucked strings of the piano) resulting from the change in the direction or position from which it is viewed by the performer. The piece slowly changes over the course of time and the eleven-note motive grows farther and farther away, ultimately becoming an illusion that served little purpose in the music's construction. All of the choices of musical material largely revolve around an overarching concern to strike a balance between the three 'poles' of my interests: improvisation derived from musical motives themselves, the musical memories of my childhood, and the meditative practices associated with the mystical religions. Parallax was written for saxophonist Randall Hall.
- J.K.

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